Торговый центр «Метрополь»
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Salon leather and fur "Catherine"

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Fur has an amazing ability to emphasize the character of its owner. He can give the image more sensuality, make it passionate, give it a nobility, or emphasize its significance. The fur, of course, has its own character, and more often than not he chooses his master, the one with whom he will harmonize so perfectly. But all this, of course, refers to the present, high-quality fur, in which the breed and dignity is felt. It is to this fur, as in the salon "Catherine".

The salon features products from the best manufacturers of fur and leather clothing from Italy, Germany and Greece. They are of high quality and a large number of non-standard solutions. Classic mink, exclusive astrakhan, rare shorn pony - a variety of textures and models can surprise even the most biased client. And the unusual images created by designers will help to always look stylish and original.

In the salon "Catherine" closely monitor the latest fashion trends in the world of fur and leather. Collections are updated three times a year - in spring, autumn and winter, which allows you to remain confident in purchasing the latest models of the season. Leather lovers will appreciate the wide selection of men's and women's leather jackets of various colors. A sense of style, quality and the ability to please your taste - this is the minimum guaranteed by the Ekaterina salon.

The cozy atmosphere of the cabin and caring attention to each visitor will allow you to make the right choice and be pleased. After all, the main task of the salon is to do everything so that every client finds exactly what he has been looking for for so long ...

The store is a partner of the VIP CLUB Metropol Discount Program. Cardholders receive a 10% discount. Detailed conditions of the Discount Program here.

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