Торговый центр «Метрополь»


SODAMODA is a brand of women's clothing that is saturated with love, sexuality, femininity, original style and beauty. When inner freedom, acceptance and a conscious attitude to life give an understanding of modern trends.

The concept of the brand is to create an up-to-date, high-quality and well-thought-out wardrobe. Our collections are produced in limited quantities, which allows us to preserve the uniqueness and pay more attention to quality and details of products.

We are sincerely inspired by modern, progressive, conscious representatives of the fair sex, who are always in the spotlight. Our clothes are the quintessence of self-confidence, beauty and harmony. But the most harmonious image is when you feel like yourself in clothes!

When creating collections, we rely on modern design, beautiful and trendy shades, high-quality materials and accessories. Laconic cut, graceful lines, emphasis on the advantages of the figure and appearance, the ability to combine textures and colors - all these are unique trends from SODAMODA. We produce truly exclusive models that are organically combined with each other and make it possible to compose trends in an original interpretation.

SODAMODA is a lifestyle that reflects and emphasizes your character, intelligence, love for yourself and the world around you. We put an incredible amount of love and care into each product at all stages of its creation. We are happy that we can share our feelings and emotions through the creation of clothes for you!

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