Торговый центр «Метрополь»
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Mockingbird Bar

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Mockingbird Cocktail Bar is a mental institution with a well-chosen location, an expensive design and well-chosen staff. Having crossed the threshold of the institution, a luxurious interior immediately catches the eye, but at the same time, sitting at the massive marble bar of the bar, you feel comfort. The essence of the bar is maximally revealed at night by candlelight and live music. The bar menu consists of a set of copyright snacks, where many interesting combinations are hidden behind simple ingredients with a beautiful presentation in expensive dishes, hands feel luxury. In the cocktail menu you will find a line of branded starter drinks.

Mockingbird Bar - Mockingbird Bar is a partner of the VIP CLUB Metropolitan Discount Program. Cardholders receive a 15% discount. Discount does not apply to alcohol products. Detailed conditions of the Discount Program here.

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