Торговый центр «Метрополь»

Kavyarnya nad Nemigai

In our "cafe on Nemiga" it is possible to be treated to tasty qualitative coffee, useful fragrant drinks, to try delicate cookies, cakes, to eat ice cream.

But not only!

You can still learn the Belarusian language.

How? On each cup with a drink you will find a sticker with the Belarusian word and its meaningful translation into Russian and English. Post a photo with the drink and a sticker in your story on Instagram or FB and get a 20 percent discount on the next drink.

"BookCrossing" of the Belarusian book will start working soon. You can not only drink delicious coffee, but also read good books, and take them home. Bring your favorite books, "release them" in our cafe and get a card "BOOK COVER". Participants of the "BOOK TURN" discount of 20 percent for all home-made drinks.

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