Торговый центр «Метрополь»


To the left of the main entrance to the Metropole shopping center is the VINO & VINO store.

VINO & VINO is a family and soulful atmosphere. We have created conditions in which the choice of a drink takes place in communication with positive staff, in an easy, interesting and direct way.

The entire assortment of the store is displayed in spacious wine cabinets and display cases, so that the buyer can explore the drinks presented, even on his own. Drinking culture closely intersects with gastronomy, the correct selection of which reveals the special shades of drinks. The assortment of snacks from Europe and sweets from the world's leading brands will allow you to complement the drink with suitable notes: olives, cheese, sausages, ham, Italian pasta and olive oil from the world's leading brands.

We value and respect the choice of each person. If you do not know which wine to choose, a specialist who will be there will tell you. Trained cavists will always advise on several suitable options based on your taste preferences.

The VINO & VINO store will help you create perfect combinations for an exclusive gift, complementing the collectible bottle with chocolate, a glass or professional wine paraphernalia. You can also purchase a gift certificate. Be sure that the visit to the store and the consultation of the cavist will be an interesting event for the person to whom you will present the certificate.

And regular guests of the VINO & VINO chain of stores can receive discounts and bonuses with a loyalty card.

The main mission of the store and the company as a whole is to improve the quality of life of people in Belarus, devoting them to the secrets of the world drinking culture, therefore, VINO & VINO has created all conditions for each guest to choose products to their liking, and the selection process was easy and fun.