Торговый центр «Метрополь»


Mila - is one of the first in the Republic of Belarus drogery format networks - cozy shops near the house.

In modern, convenient self-service stores, everything you need for personal, family and home care is collected: cosmetics and perfumes, household chemicals and hygiene items, products for caring for children and other necessary trifles.

Properly selected and constantly updated assortment, affordable prices, a huge number of promotional discounts and a unique bonus program for regular customers of the network, allowed Mila to become the undisputed leader in the sale of perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals in the Republic of Belarus.

Mila – is the goods necessary every day near the house!

Mila – means uniquely low prices, constant promotions and sales, goods with discounts up to 70%!

Mila – means bonuses for each purchase, which means the opportunity to buy the goods you need with a discount of 80% of the cost!

Mila – means discounts on discount cards for absolutely all non-active goods. Moreover, discounts can reach 25%.

Mila – is a wide assortment and unique products that cannot be found in other stores!

Mila – means helping mothers, a joy for housewives and an opportunity for girls and women to be well-groomed, beautiful and unique without compromising the family budget!

Every 2 weeks, stock items CHANGE!