Торговый центр «Метрополь»


“BELITA - VITEX” - recognized leaders in the production of high-quality Belarusian cosmetics                  quality at an affordable price.

Today the cosmetics of the Belita-Vitex network is the most demanded Belarusian cosmetics,                  which has become the face of our country and has long been known and popular beyond its borders. Millions are actively using cosmetics                  women, men and teenagers all over the world: in the USA, Canada, Germany, the Baltic countries, Japan, the Czech Republic, Russia, Moldova,                  Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.

An affordable way to be beautiful, well-groomed, bright - visit the cosmetics shop                  "BELITA-VITEX" on the second floor of the Metropol Shopping Center. There is a wide range of quality products for the most                  demanding customers! The leader of the Belarusian cosmetics industry, the company “BELITA-VITEX” guarantees firmly                  high quality of all products and innovative technologies used in the production process.

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