Торговый центр «Метрополь»


The largest pharmacy chain in Minsk.
RUE "BELFARMATSIYA" today is a dynamically developing enterprise that includes an online pharmacy and 225 pharmacies, 15 of which work around the clock, a pharmacy warehouse, a control and analytical laboratory, an information and pharmaceutical center.

Tasks of the enterprise

- Timely satisfaction of the needs of the population and healthcare institutions in medicines and other pharmacy products.

- Manufacture of medicines according to individual prescriptions of doctors and applications of healthcare organizations.

- Creation of a unified information space with all organizations involved in providing medical care to citizens of the republic.

- Implementation of support for domestic manufacturers.

- Organization of contests and execution of centralized procurement of medicines.

- Providing information about medicines and their availability in pharmacies of all forms of ownership to the population and healthcare institutions free of charge.

- Methodological management of Pharmacy enterprises, coordination and control of pharmaceutical, medical, financial and economic activities and in other areas.

- Organization of industrial practice for students of pharmaceutical education institutions and internship of their graduates free of charge.