Торговый центр «Метрополь»

Coffee house «Lavazza (Лавацца)»

With sugar and without, with milk and black, espresso, latte, americano, cappuccino ... Every day more than two billion cups of coffee are drunk in the world, and fans of this drink do not get tired to hold discussions about which coffee is better.

It has long dreamed of finding the “very” coffee house, which perfectly combines the delicious taste of coffee, cozy atmosphere and quality service? Looking for a place that specializes in preparing an invigorating drink in all its manifestations? Then we offer you to stop, because the Lavazza coffee shop is exactly what you need. Lavazza is a classic Italian-style coffee house with a modern approach to coffee making.


A cozy coffee shop offers its guests a comfortable space for a pleasant stay behind comfortable bar stools, in harmony with the main color range of “Lavazza”. There are no distracting details, bright accents are carefully placed throughout the hall and do not attract much attention to themselves, thus allowing you to enjoy invigorating coffee or a light milkshake.


In the menu of the bar of the coffee house there are four types of coffee, including without caffeine, as well as an exclusive monosort. The classics checked by time ideally is combined with modern trends in the world of coffee. Premium LAVAZZA coffees are available to guests at reasonable prices, and you can try any drink from the coffee menu in one of the four presented varieties:

- Mix of Arabica with Robusta

- 100% Arabica Tierra line

- Unique variety of 100% KAFA Forest Arabic

- Decaffeinated coffee and guest coffee

We took care of the coffee shop and its youngest visitors by working through the children's menu. Lavazza also has a vegan menu.


The main pride of the Lavazza coffee house is its barista - professionals of the business, skilled craftsmen, who regularly self-improve and take part in various master classes. Friendly barista will surely help you with the choice and will offer the kind of coffee that suits your taste preferences.

Why precisely “Lavazza”?

- A wide selection of coffees

- Cozy atmosphere

- Professional Barista

- Democratic prices

Lavazza coffee shop is a time-tested classic in each cup.

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