Торговый центр «Метрополь»
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The discount program “Metropol” is a set of relationships between the shopping center “Metropol” and individuals, as a result of which the cardholder has the right to receive additional discounts for goods and services from the Discount Program Partners, in accordance with the terms of the Discount Program Rules The provision does not apply to goods and services sold in the framework of sales and promotions.

1. General Provisions.

1.1. Discount card "Metropol" is designed to provide discounts to regular customers (individuals), paying for goods and services for cash and non-cash payment.

1.2. The size of the discount on goods and services is established by the Partner of the Discount Program.

1.3. The Metropol discount card has an individual number and is registered in the administration database of the Metropol shopping center in the name of the discount card holder.

1.4. Receiving a discount card, the client agrees to the terms of the discount program.

1.5. The validity of the discount card is 5 years from the date of issue of the discount card.

2. Conditions for obtaining discount cards.

2.1. The client becomes the holder of the discount card, having filled out the application form of the participant of the Discount program.

2.2. The Metropol Discount Card is a bearer card.

3. Terms of use of the discount card.

3.1. Discount card is presented by the holder to the seller before paying for goods, services.

3.2. Discount on a discount card does not apply to goods and services for which special or seasonal discounts apply; at reduced prices as a result of markdowns or sales.

3.3. Return of goods is carried out according to the rules of the internal instructions of the company of the Partner of the Discount program.

3.4. If a discount card is lost or damaged, its holder must apply for the replacement of a discount card. When replacing a discount card, an "outdated" discount card is removed and changed to a new discount card.

3.5. In case of refusal to provide a discount on a discount card, the client has the right to contact the administration of the shopping center, presenting the original receipt, and request a written response explaining the reasons. Within 14 days, the holder of the discount card will be provided with a written response from our company.

4. Other conditions.

4.1. The shopping center Metropol reserves the right to unilaterally change the rules and conditions of the Discount Program, including the size and duration of the discount cards, two weeks in advance, notifying program participants of this in one of the following ways: informing on the website, via email.

4.2. In the event of a dispute, the client must contact the administration of the shopping center. Disputes and disagreements arising in the course of using discount cards will be settled by the parties through negotiations.

4.3. Discount cards are the property of the Private Service Unitary Enterprise "Management Company Metropol Alliance".