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Tosca Blu

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Tosca Blu is an Italian brand of leather bags and shoes.

The history of the brand begins in 1998, when the founder of the company Minoronzoni Srl. Giacomo Ronzoni decided to create his own line of accessories for successful and independent women. Giacomo's motivation and inspiration was his wife, boldly experimenting with style, and the brand itself was named after his eldest daughter Virginia Tosca Blue.

To date, the brand has a strong position in the market, having won the love of the beautiful half of humanity around the world. TOSCA BLU annually presents its products at major European exhibitions.

The Tosca Blu product range is very diverse and wide, combining different styles. Thanks to this, the brand has the most diverse audience.

Each brand collection is unique and reveals individuality, allows girls to be courageous and stand out from the crowd.

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