Торговый центр «Метрополь»


Premium confectionery stores “Plein de Grâce” are the retail chain of Topinvest.

"Topinvest" seeks to deliver to Belarus those products that are particularly popular and revered in various countries: chocolate from Switzerland, waffles and pralines from Belgium, Savoyardi and Canthuccini from Italy, truffles and jams from France.

Such products have a long history in their countries and, as a rule, very high quality.

Thus, the Topinvest company acquaints the inhabitants of our country with the European food culture, instills in them European tastes.

The company cooperates with all European partners only directly, without any intermediaries, on an exclusive official basis. “Topinvest” is distributors of such world-famous manufacturers as Lindt & Sprungli, Anthon Berg, Jacobsens Bakery, Walkers Shortbread, Caffarel, Venchi, Jules Destrooper, Niederegger, Seeberger and others.

According to the general opinion of export managers of companies with which the company cooperates, Topinvest is one of the best distributors of premium products not only in the post-Soviet space, but also in all of Eastern Europe.

Now, in order to buy Swiss chocolate, Belgian truffles, Danish cookies in beautiful metal boxes or candies with marzipan, you do not have to leave Belarus or look for these goods in duty free. It is enough to go to the nearest large brand store and choose a treat for yourself.

In order to be closer to the buyer, the company Topinvest, starting in 2015, opens its brand stores “Plein de Grâce”, in which the widest assortment of European premium goods from chocolate, sweets and biscuits to jams, nuts, sauces and vinegar. The same products are sold in such world-famous stores as Harrods, Gallerie Lafayette, Galleria Kaufhof, Globus, El Corte Inglés, etc. It is impossible to come up with a better advertisement.

Plein de Grâce stores have already gained wide popularity among customers. Many, coming here for the first time with surprise say: “Oh, like in Switzerland!”, “Oh, like in Italy!”, “Oh, like in France!”.

In the shops of “Plein de Grâce” every lover of confectionery products will find a product to their taste - and this is one of the company's mottos.

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