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A Dutch company that produces professional sportswear - created by athletes for the same passionate people. High-end fit, modern design, quality materials - Gorilla Wear sportswear is specially designed for strength training, fitness and crossfit.


Despite the fact that the modern market is regularly replenished with new products, men's bodybuilding clothing and women's fitness wear Gorilla Wear continues to be popular.

This is due to the fact that the manufacturing company does everything to satisfy the consumer's requirements:

* Gorilla Wear garments are made of special synthetic materials that provide high comfort during workouts;

* The characteristic of Gorilla Wear clothes is excellent fit and unique style;

* All products of the GW brand are highly durable and wear-resistant.


VIAGGIO has been making postoperative bandages and shapewear for over 15 years. The material is soft and durable Spanish fabric.

Our store has everything you need for treatment, preservation and body shaping in any situation:

* compression bras and bandages;

* orthopedic bras and bathing suits with prosthesis pockets;

* prenatal bandage that supports the abdomen and reduces the load on the lower back during pregnancy;

* postpartum bandage - an effective remedy for the quick elimination of stretch marks and sagging skin;

* stripes, masks and more.

All underwear in the store's catalog undergoes a control system - it will not cause allergies even in people with increased skin sensitivity. Wear the garments daily with your favorite clothing without discomfort.

Lingerie models are developed with the participation of plastic surgeons.

Do you work a lot in one position, or vice versa, constantly spend time on your feet? Do you have a hereditary predisposition to venous disease? Are you suffering from reticular varicose veins, flat feet or overweight? In all these and many other cases, VIAGGIO lingerie will protect your health and beauty.

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