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Saluti da Milano, Verona, Firenze!

Greetings from Milan, Verona, Florence!

AROMA DILNA is the first in Belarus specialized store of perfumery fragrances for the interior and Fashion-fragrances for a car from Italy. We started our work in 2016 and are successfully developing this direction for you. The high level of exquisite perfume for the interior, as well as for the car interior, is designed for the most discerning buyer.

We represent Italian brands that have excellent perfume quality and are completely safe to use.


Carbaline is a family-owned factory from romantic Verona, creating fragrances for the home since 1975. The interior perfume Carbaline is particularly durable. The quality of each fragrance is confirmed by IFRA (International Perfumery Association) certificates. The factory pays special attention to sustainability and combines the traditions of Italian craftmanship with modern trends in home perfumery.


Chiara is a luxury brand from Florence, Tuscany. Chiara creates luxury interior perfumes. All stages of creating a fragrance and packaging are performed manually. Each Chiara Firenze collection uses essences with a high concentration of essential oils and absolutes, making Chiara's lively fragrances sound like a work of art.


Mr & Mrs Fragrance is a vibrant brand from Milan. Collaboration with leading Italian designers has made Mr & Mrs Fragrance recognizable all over the world. The brand is a constant favorite of the largest design exhibitions in Paris and Milan. Design and innovation, energy and creativity - this is Mr & Mrs Fragrance!

Here you will find the widest range of fragrance products: diffusers with sticks, refills, perfumed sprays for interior and textiles, electronic fragrances, ultrasonics, scented candles, aroma oils, aroma cards for wardrobe, aromatherapy rings, designer fragrances and luxury car fragrances.

We will be happy to provide expert advice on the topic of aromatization of premises and demonstrate the aromas of our wonderful brands. We will help you choose your favorite scent for your home and car, taking into account your personality, as well as choose an interior perfume for aromarketing purposes.

We invite you to our AROMA DILNA perfume island.