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Cinnabon is a world famous brand of the most delicious cinnamon buns! Their freshness, aroma and appetizing appearance causes constant delight in people of different ages and countries. Cinnabon unites more than 1,200 bakery cafes in more than 60 countries of the world, and its popularity continues to grow.

The SINNABON assortment now includes a lot of buns of various sizes and flavors: the legendary Cinnabon, its reduced copy Minibon, Pecanbon caramel with pecans and two types of caramel, Glacier filled with chocolate and coated with icing, Sinnabon Styx - puff pastry sticks and much more.

Cinnabon also boasts a wide range of hot and cold drinks. Especially for the "Cinnabon" roasted special blend of premium coffee.

High-quality, unique ingredients are brought from around the world: the most fragrant cinnamon Makara from Indonesia, cane sugar from the Caribbean, the secret patented mix for baking from the United States, cream cheese for the glaze from Denmark. From these products, right in the bakery, in front of the visitors, the freshest buns are baked, captivating guests with temptingly sweet flavors.

Ready-made pastries are in the hot showcase for no more than 40 minutes, after which the buns are cooled in a special cabinet, so as not to harm the taste and aroma, and packaged in branded packaging that you can buy at a discount of up to 45%, carry it home or make a wonderful gift.

Cinnabon is a partner of the VIP CLUB Metropolitan Discount Program. Cardholders receive a 5% discount. Detailed conditions of the Discount Program here.

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