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The burger revolution was accomplished long ago. It would seem that one could have thought that the train had left, but the Black Star Burger managed to jump into the last car of the departing train, change its direction and become a locomotive. We cook burgers, because, contrary to popular belief on this subject, burgers are not harmful food, this is a compound sandwich that can be satiated with the benefit of consuming fewer calories than, for example, eating a complex lunch.


Everything here is exceptionally fresh, no preparations: everything that has been cooked today will surely be consumed today. Our suppliers are the leaders of the Russian market in their segment. We cook burgers from marbled beef of herbal and grain-fed Aberdeen-Angus breed grown without hormones and antibiotics. 100% naturalness and quality is guaranteed by the Zarechnoye Group of Companies, which supplies us with minced beef under the Primembif brand. Every day we bake in 2 types of ruddy burgers. The unique author's recipe allows you to make them home - flavored and soft. Our main know-how in the unique composition and system of roasting meatballs. We make a blend of various cuts of marbled beef. Before roasting, cutlets should be strictly 170 grams in weight and 17 centimeters in diameter.


We are the first to bring burgers in black gloves into fashion. After the opening of the Black Star Burger, thousands of institutions throughout the country went down this path. We have original serving dishes. Before you buy the sharp wings "On the weak", the guest must fill out a receipt that he has no complaints about the establishment. When serving the wings, all employees of the open kitchen, after two strikes in the bell, are chanting “Poor”. When ordering Mega- and VIP- burgers, the waiter makes an order to the guest, all this is accompanied by 5 bells and a firework.


Our prices are out of competition. Thanks to friendship with our partners, the best and largest suppliers in the country, we purchase products at the lowest prices. By adding truffle oil, foie gras and delicious sauces to dishes, we can afford not to increase the cost of the final product so that as many people as possible with different incomes try our masterpieces.


Initially, we wanted to compete with large fast-food players. But to occupy the position of catching up, to repeat the existing formats is not about us. Therefore, we have created a restaurant of a new formation, where we cook tasty, high-quality and fast. In terms of quality, we compare ourselves with the global burger leaders of the level: Umami, Gordon Ramsey, and in the pricing policy we are very democratically on a par with McDonald’s. We improve ourselves daily, introducing various know-how. This applies to the attributes - black gloves, and cooking technologies - a unique way of cooking, which makes it possible to cook the most juicy cutlet in the world. We also have a completely new strategy for building a technological chain. Many can cook tasty, but inexpensive, fast, and even in such quantities - not everyone, because this is a whole art. Make 4000 burgers of first-class quality per day only by us.


We are a national, absolutely transparent restaurant. Every day we are watched by a huge number of people in instagram and other social networks. Argued that the Black Star Burger spins a whole army of marketers. This is nothing more than a myth. We promote our restaurant using word of mouth, using social networks, using our reputation, namely, reaction to reviews. People feel our transparency, trust us. This is also our know-how; there is no more such an interactive restaurant in the world.


We maximize our target audience. We can meet the oligarch and a simple student sitting side by side. Any Russian can afford to dine at Black Star Burger. For the well-to-do public, we are attractive for our high quality, for the student - also with affordable prices. We break the stereotype that a burger is bad. We are all natural, we prefer athletes and people who monitor their health.


I would like our potential consumer not to compare us with anyone. We are really different. We are innovators. Yes, we are interested in profit, but the main thing is in the other. Maybe it sounds romantic, but we want a culinary revolution, I want to break stereotypes and surprise. We hope we do it.

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