Торговый центр «Метрополь»

Hi5 coffee with you

A cozy coffee shop in the city center with sandwiches, delicious desserts, cozy and informal atmosphere. At the heart of the aroma of coffee is the bright floral scent of Ethiopia and the sweet and caramel creamy hue of Honduras. You will find spices, nuts and bitter chocolate in your taste. When sugar is added, light berry acidity with a very dense chocolate aftertaste will come out on top. Hi5 - coffee with you. Hi5 - coffee with you.


Restaurant "LIDO" is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the shopping center "Metropol" and is designed for 250 seats. LIDO in the Metropol shopping center is an exquisite interior that disposes to relaxation and unhurried communication, and the kitchen is also affected: the evening menu has appeared, featuring the premium positions of meat dishes.


Here you can show your vocal abilities alone or sing in a duet with friends. Every day in our karaoke club there are famous compositions of the world repertoire, songs of the Soviet period known to everyone since childhood and, of course, the most relevant western and Russian hits. Jel'sa invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of respectability, quality and luxury, worthy of any guest.

Coffee house LAVAZZA

With sugar and without, with milk and black, espresso, latte, americano, cappuccino ... Every day more than two billion cups of coffee are drunk in the world, and fans of this drink do not get tired to hold discussions about which coffee is better. It has long dreamed of finding the “very” coffee house, which perfectly combines the delicious taste of coffee, cozy atmosphere and quality service? Looking for a place that specializes in preparing an invigorating drink in all its manifestations?

Mockingbird Bar

In fast-growing Minsk, there is no place for slow service and serious people; there is no place for boring dishes or limp drinks. In a city full of ambition and passion, you need to do everything brightly. And with a smile. Everything should be an event, even such a trifle as a cup of coffee, and even more so - an evening in the city. Take a look at Minsk from the other side - through the eyes of Mockingbird.

GARAGE food&coffee

GARAGE is a national brand in a quick & casual format that operates in every city with a population of over 100,000 people. A popular point in the city with relevant and inexpensive cuisine, where positive people gather with interesting stories. We CHARGE POSITIVE ENERGY and develop a new communication culture in the format of an urban cafe. We fill life with new impressions and pleasure from good food. GARAGE - STORIES BEGIN HERE!

Kaviarnia nad nemigai

In our "cafe on Nemiga" it is possible to be treated to tasty qualitative coffee, useful fragrant drinks, to try delicate cookies, cakes, to eat ice cream. But not only! You can still learn the Belarusian language. How? On each cup with a drink you will find a sticker with the Belarusian word and its meaningful translation into Russian and English. Post a photo with the drink and a sticker in your story on Instagram or FB and get a 20 percent discount on the next drink. ...


A drink in a cup is all that matters! That is why our experts constantly monitor all the development trends of the global coffee market. This allows us to get the best green coffee, as well as use the latest technologies and techniques for roasting it. For the best coffee only to us ...

Thierry Bakery

A successful business begins with thought. Thoughts to make the world a better, kinder, sweeter place. It was such an idea that prompted Thierry Laurea to create a French bakery and confectionery. Thierry's philosophy consists of three important points: authenticity, patience and creativity. Desserts, pastries and products are created without any compromise. Each product you buy is a high quality, respect for traditions and love for the culinary craft ...

Bar "Time"

Signature drinks and classic cocktails️, cosmopolitan cuisine ...

Grill Kebab

In the morning, in the afternoon, at work, at school, in the evening and at night, we always want…. SHAURMA or BURGER, or maybe all at once 🌯 + 🍔 = ❤️ ...

Grill Kebab

In the morning, in the afternoon, at work, at school, in the evening and at night, we always want…. SHAURMA or BURGER, or maybe all at once 🌯 + 🍔 = ❤️ ...

Coffee house "Paragraph Coffee"

The establishment is filled with a warm atmosphere and a pleasant smell of coffee. The interior is made in dark colors, vintage furniture in warm sunny colors adds to the atmosphere of coziness. At Paragraph Coffee, you can order food, drinks, desserts and pastries, as well as buy grain to take home! Arabica "Brazil San Rafael" with the aroma of cocoa, prunes and roasted hazelnuts. ...

Metropol is a multifunctional complex that brought
famous world brands under one roof.

The historical atmosphere of the center of the capital can not be better
combined with a variety of business and cultural events.

Our complex is an ideal platform for both business and
pleasant leisure. MK Metropol today is a European-level shopping center
with three floors and a modern parking lot.

Every day we develop our infrastructure and offer new opportunities for everyone.